Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Paint Job

Here is the beast of a paint job mentioned in the previous post. Never paint your walls red and green. Just don't do it. Because this was the disaster we had to work with when we moved into our house. 

And here is the nice, calm grey result.

Ok, I had to hold on to just a little chartreuse. 

The whole staircase was also that lovely puke green, and even though most of the rest of the house was white, it still had to be painted because the walls were filthy. Maybe someday when I've decorated and cleaned my house, I'll give the grand tour...so never.


amanda and clay said...

Why do people paint their walls red??? Terrible idea. You're like the third person I know with that exact color wall they had to paint over. At any rate, it looks fantastic now. I had to double check that it was the same space it looks so different. And before I got to the last paragraph I was thinking how envious I am that your house is so clean and well decorated when you have 3x the littles as I do!

alyssa said...

I have house envy! :) we've never lived in a house and I can't wait for the day that we get to! I love that grey color too, what is it?? I am starting a list of paint colors I like so I will be all ready to go when we have a house;)