Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stuff We've Done Lately

Clark can be a picky eater sometimes, but happily ate the stump of a broccoli crown? Right now one of his favorite things to do is help dad out in the yard. He just walks around out there picking up dirt and moving it to new places, because it makes him feel important and gets him filthy, which I guess is the goal when you're a toddler. 

Random funny story while I'm talking about Clark: One time after my sister EmmaLee was over, he kept pointing at my chest and saying "EmmaLee". I was confused and figured my shirt looked like the one she had been wearing or something. A few days later he did it again and I noticed it was every time I wore a tight shirt. Eventually I figured out that he thought boobs (is there a more euphemistic word for them...sorry, can't think of one) were called "EmmaLee" because she had pointed to herself and said her name, trying to tell him who she was but he thought she was naming a body part because he loves pointing out people's nose, eyes, ears, etc.  I think I'll just let him think that for now. 

Ok, back to our life.

We went to Zoo Lights for Jacob's work party. For Clark, who gets really excited about turning the kitchen lights on and who loves animals of all kinds, this was heaven--even though the only real animal we saw was a zebra (which he stared at in awe for several minutes), the light up ones were equally exciting. His very favorite thing was when all the lights did a dance to Trans Siberian Orchestra music. 

There was also food and glow sticks, so... 

From left: strangers, Canaya sporting 34 glow sticks, Bethany helping feed babies, me+Wendy, Clark, Clark's wasted dinner

Me as an alien or me as a deer in the headlights. They were both so cute, I just couldn't pick. Also, all the kids went on that carousel. Clark was terrified. 
Other stuff: 
The girls like to torment their cousin Ty. They're just jealous of his thighs. 

We went to the park to have lunch on Veterans Day. It was really crowded and the worst kid park ever.

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