Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I need these words pasted to every wall in my house. Really, I've been pretty good about staying positive, patient, and not totally freaking out--which is a big deal for me--but today was just rough.

I take back everything I said about Clark being the sweetest, cutest kid. Ok he's still really cute, but the whining and screaming and tantrums have been OUT of control the last few days. I'm hoping it's because his sick, but I know it's more likely the huge decrease in attention he's getting and his age and being sooo stir crazy (leaving the house right now isn't really an option). That combined with my only getting a few broken hours of sleep last night was a bad combination. And my newborns getting less sleepy... 

At one point all 3 were screaming in unison and I got so overwhelmed at the thought of doing this every. single. day. And start worrying about doing everything right and everything that could go wrong. "Ahh, I can't do this!" 

But I am doing it. And I just have to focus on this day. This feeding. This second. That I can handle. 


s.s. bazodi said...

I told you- Blake and I will adopt one... You are doing a good job. Just the thought of having one freaks us out.

Lari said...

I wish so much I could help more. I was actually crying last night because I missed you guys so much. I remember days like that but only faintly. I think that is why you guys remember way more details about growing up. - I have a mental block on some of those memories. Next time it is a particularly horrible day, call me and I will get a sub. Please! I have people dying to sub. It would make me feel loved and useful

David, Melissa, and kids said...

Wow! Last I knew you were pregnant with your first and now you just had twins... congratulations! (I don't get the news without my mom here)
I think you've figured out the secret to motherhood, take it a small step at a time. I've said many a prayer to just make it through the night, one more hour, then another, etc. and God helps. He wants you to succeed.
Oh, good luck to you, we'll pray for you. That is a lot of work.
smith cousin Melissa