Friday, October 18, 2013

1 Month

Well, we've all survived our first month as a family of five! All I can say about my little girls as of now is that they seem to be a bit more calm than a certain older brother was as a newborn and that they love each other--I mean they fused placentas for goodness sake (a fact I will use against them if they ever want there own rooms, or fight.) Every night we put them in the same crib, swaddled, a foot or more apart and somehow they're right up next to each other by the time we get up. It's kind of precious. Until Wendy starts trying to suck on Magnolia's face. Then it's kind of weird.

I've found that I've been able to stay way more laid back with these babies and just enjoy them than I was the first time around because I have Clark as a constant remind of how quick it goes by--seriously weren't you just born?

Anyway, I like the idea of taking photos each month because it's nuts how fast the grow and change during the first year so hopefully I can keep it up.

And world's cutest photo bomber. Little sister's pretty happy about it. 

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s.s. bazodi said...

These photos are the best. I think you should stick with taking photos each month. Wendy looks like she is doing a karate chop and Maggie really does look so happy to by Cwarky.