Thursday, August 15, 2013

Clark These Days

32 in x 22 lbs (75th and 10th percentile respectively)

Chatty, chatty. I can't believe how quickly he's picking up new words and phrases. Though I'm not a fan of the latest: "no no, mama!" Usually followed by a small tantrum. 

Learning colors and loves drawing with colored pens. Purple and black are his favorite (?) but he can also identify yellow, orange, and green most of the time.

Loves animals, insects (ok mostly butterflies), flowers, etc. He'll sit and watch nature shows for way longer than any cartoon. 

Gives hugs at about 20 minute intervals to whoever he's playing with.

Loving pretend play. Cooking, cleaning, talking on the phone are all favorites. I love watching this! 

Is pretty good at singing. I love hearing him sing in his carseat or along with the hymns at church. We've also caught him singing in his sleep the last few nights. It's pretty dang cute.

Loves playing with kids, especially if they like squealing and running around in circles as much as he does, and obsessed with looking at newborn babies (let's hope that one doesn't change anytime soon)

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