Thursday, June 13, 2013


Last week I said goodbye to our little house on Vineyard, and we were off to Mexico. We planned this trip a while ago and decided that since we'd be moving just a few weeks after we got back that Clark and I should just stay here. Neither of us would have been much help finishing up packing, and traveling with a toddler is a little stressful. Anyhow, we had lots of fun at my in-law's beach house in Rocky Point. Now we've just been hanging out at our parents' houses, and Clark is loving having so much new space to explore.

6 bags, a car seat, and a stroller: everything we could have possibly brought for free.

We'll pretend he was this happy for the whole drive down to Mexico.

These are just the pictures I got on my phone. Maybe sometime I'll get around to getting the real ones on here.

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