Friday, May 31, 2013

Speaking of Nice People

This Wednesday my playgroup threw me a little last minute baby shower. It was so thoughtful of them, and they were way too generous with gifts and money.

This is one thing I am going to really miss about living here. I mean, a group of 10+ women all from different backgrounds and not a SINGLE ONE is catty, judgmental, competitive, or critical in any way? That gives me hope in humanity. Really, though, they are all just so genuinely nice, humble, helpful, and intelligent. I would have lost my marbles if I didn't get to meet up with them once, sometimes more, every week!

one of our first weeks

about a month ago (it's gotten really hard to get pictures now that they're mobile)

Other things I'll miss about Pleasanton:

-great weather
-garage sales galore
-the library
-sooooo many giant, beautiful parks within a 5-mile radius. I really don't think anywhere could outdo Pleasanton in parks.
-close community and so family-friendly

Things I will not miss:

-living in a teeny house
-the cost of living
-the cost of everything else
-being far away from family and old friends
-Jacob's commute and traffic in general
-teaching primary (am I allowed to say that? Don't tell my future bishop, especially if it's my father-in-law)

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s.s. bazodi said...

Oh- you will be put in primary here too. I hate teaching it, and really really want to tell my Bishop that I quit (teaching primary, not church) you are not the only one.