Monday, May 27, 2013


I know most of the time you don't get the things you want in life, but lately it feels like we've been incredibly blessed with all that we've asked for and then some. And I mean that in a humbled, VERY grateful way--not a braggy way.

When we found out we were having twins, one of our first thoughts was "we have to get back to Arizona!" Both of our parents and many siblings live there, and I knew right away that I would need all the help and emotional support I could get. After a lot of effort on Jacob's part, and a lot of praying from us and our families, he was offered a great job in Arizona! It all happened so fast it still feels a little unreal, but we'll be moving in July.

As we made our decision to move, I had my first  "this is really happening" breakdown as I realized that even though we'll have help from family, they are all still really busy with their own lives and at the end of the day this is my responsibility. And it's a big one...that I usually try not to think about (instead I just think about cuddling two sweet little sleeping newborns who never cry. Or poop). But I just cried as I imagined the stressful, chaotic, sleepless months ahead. A day or two later, Jacob walked in the door with this:

TONS of newborn baby girl clothes and other baby gear that a friend at work had given him, all stuff she never needed or barely used for her baby girl. It was just another little miracle that reminded me how kind and helpful everyone has been--people telling me to bring Clark over any time I have a doctors appointment, giving us stuff, asking us how they can help with packing, etc. The Lord always provides a way!


Scott & Megan Cardon said...

I am so happy to hear that you are moving back to AZ! Once I heard that you were pregnant with twins I kept asking Bethany/hoping that you were going to move back. I'm sure that it will be so nice to have family nearby to help-that saved me when I had London. I definitely felt/feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of taking care of him-I mean, I'm the mom now, so if I don't feed him, he doesn't eat, etc. I can't even imagine how you must feel with twins on the way and you already have a two-year-old. But, it's the small tender mercies (usually provided through family and friends) that have helped me to stay sane and I'm sure that God will continue to help you and give you little miracles since you're doing a great work for him in caring for His children. Sorry if this sounds really cheesy...but I really believe it. So excited to see you!

Cassie Traasdahl said...

Oh yay that's exciting you're moving back!! And yay for two girls!

PS- thanks for your comment the other day! I know I will have hard days as a parent (just like I do right now, child-less) but mostly I think it's going to be wonderful. I appreciated what you said!