Wednesday, April 24, 2013

On the Bright Side

Even though the thought of twins is pretty stressful, I'm finding that there are also some really great things about it.

1. I wanted a lot of kids anyway, so one less pregnancy!

2. This.

3. And I thought Clark talking to himself was cute...

4. Sometimes when I stop worrying, it just hits me how amazingly blessed we are. We just wanted one and we got a bonus?! Double the joy and love and etc, etc.

5. I mean...

Ok, I know it's pretty creepy to be posting photos of other people's babies. But little cuddling newborns? I almost can't handle how cute that is. (And I might spend way too much time Googling "newborn twins" and gawking over such pictures.)


Lari said...

OH! That is so precious. It really is wonderful and I can't wait!

the little mrs. said...

Congrats! So if you're still living in Pleasanton... can I come take your bebe's photos? Those baby pics make me baby photo hungry :)

- Jane