Friday, April 26, 2013

Big Kids

Clark and I have both reached some pretty big milestones. He has (finally) started walking. He's being taking a few steps independently for months, but the last week or so started walking from room to room. So I will now count that as walking.
And I got my hair into an ity bity ponytail for the first time since I hacked the hairs off. This ponytail is brought to you by a tiny rubber band, 6 bobby pins, a greasy french braid, and a scarf I got from an old lady's garage sale.

And we match.


amy said...

He is SOOOOOOOOO cute, and you know it must be true since i'm not the gushy type. I'm excited for him to come play with Crew.

Brooke said...

I want my son to look just like Clark.

amanda and clay said...

You two are too cute!!

Lari said...

Two of the cutest humans on the earth!