Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Learning to Sit

After writing this post last week, I was determined to get Clark to sit in someone's lap for more than 10 minutes without completely losing it. I know he's just a baby and it's totally normal to be squirmy, but I also know he can sit still and play with toys and look at a book for quite a while (he does it all the time in the car and sometimes at home).

So every day last week, we practiced. I gathered up some toys for him to play with, put him on my lap, and held on tight. After a few minutes he threw all his toys on the ground and started to whine and try to get down, but once he realized he wasn't going anywhere, he just accepted the fact. Well, he whined about it a few more times the first day, but got much better after that.

Then this Sunday, my child sat still for an HOUR AND A HALF. It was a miracle! Of course, it helped that about 45 min. in, the little girl in front of us started entertaining him and handing him toys and crackers. But hey, we'll take it! I was mostly worried about taking him on a airplane next week, but this gives me a little more hope. Now it better not wear off.

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