Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Worst Valentine's Day

Oops, missed a few days. This goal was a little ambitious and may become more of a weekly thing...

A while ago we were talking about how we should celebrate all the "little" holidays a day late since all the candy goes on sale. So a few days before Valentine's Day, Jacob said we really were gonna so that he could get me twice as much candy. I was all for that. And it was a good thing, because on the real day, his boss all the sudden gave him a huge (insert important-sounding finance thing here) to finish by the end of the day RIGHT when he was about to leave. So he got home late and then worked from home all night, but brought me some redbox rentals as a consolation.
That's why Valentine's Day was the worst, but I was still looking forward to the next day.  Jacob said he was making me dinner and called me while at the grocery store to ask about something or other and said there was NO candy on sale, but he'd keep looking. He got home kinda late again, hurried and made me some special heart-shaped french toast with nutella, and we watched a movie and went to bed. Now I know I should have been grateful, but by the end of the night I finally broke down and started crying because it was just so unlike him to put so little thought and effort into a holiday. This is the guy who goes above and beyond for things that aren't even real holidays. "Now I'm not even worth some non-discounted candy?!" (a little dramatic, I know, but I don't mess around when it comes to my treats).
He let me carry on with this nonsense for about 5 minutes before saying, "Well there's a trunk full of candy I was going to surprise you with and I was trying to plan a fun day in San Fransisco..."
Then I felt really bad/ he wouldn't get me ANY chocolate. " should've given it to me today!" and we laughed at me a little and went to bed and everything was fine.

This is (almost) what our dinner looked like

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Andrea said...

oh my goodness, I'm so glad he totally pulled through for you:) I would have been so disappointed too -don't mess when it comes to candy