Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 33

So the other day I took Clark on a walk to the park.  When we got home, I couldn't find the key to the garage (it's an old house) which is where we usually store the stroller and all our other junk that doesn't fit in the house. Jacob also occasionally parks there. Anyway, I felt pretty bad about losing it since we only have one, and I lose important stuff probably 4 times a week.
So today on the way to the park we kept our eyes peeled and continued to look around once there, but it felt like a lost cause because I had pretty much been all over the giant park the day it was lost, the grass was long, it had been a couple days, etc. But as I walked about and said a little prayer in my brain that it would show up, sure enough, two seconds later it was shining on the ground right before my eyes! Miracle.

And the bad part of the day was when Clark got a black eye (cheek). I felt so terrible, but all I could think was, "This won't be the last". He's a little boy, after all.
These pictures don't really do it justice. It looks a lot worse in real life, but I like that he's so happy 2 minutes after the trauma.

And as much as he wishes he had a cool story to tell his baby friends, he pretty much just fell over into the corner edge of a wall.


amanda and clay said...

Aww, poor guy!! But considering how long he's lasted without, he might not be doing so bad ;)

That really is a miracle you found your key!! One time in Houston I dropped my set of house/mail keys right to my feet, immediately started looking for them, and NEVER found them... I was locked out with little puppy Bruce who bit my hands for two straight hours while we waited for Clay to come back home and let us in. Your story is much better.

amanda and clay said...

Without one*