Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7

Today I am grateful to be interning at Shabby Apple. I get to help with their social media, so coming up with ideas and posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. I'm actually doing stuff I'm interested in while putting my writing/editing skills to use. Plus, I get to do everything from home. Could it be any more perfect? I am really loving it!


Amber said...

My sister's sister-in-law works for Shabby Apple in UT. She loves it, too. How fun for you! And btw- Clark is adorable. :)

Callie Manion said...

I didn't know you were interning there--that's awesome! I hope you get a discount :)

Lari said...

They are lucky to have you. Where can I see some of your work? What a great job!!!!