Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 6

I'll just go ahead and talk about what a blessing Clark is today since he just had his 9 month appointment and he's really just the greatest.

His stats are all pretty much the same.. tall and thin(ish). Since he was about 4-months-old, I've always thought "THIS must be the best age", and then the next month comes along and is even better. But really this one's the best yet. It's like overnight he started really thinking about things and understanding and interacting so much. Clark at 9 months is:

-very fond of "talking" with dramatic hand gestures and doing the Tarzan yell
-suddenly very opinionated
-still friends with everyone. I'm only a little offended, but mostly relieved, that he doesn't miss me when I leave him places...yet.
-really obedient (for a baby). Ex: If he puts something inedible in his mouth and I say "Icky! Give it to me", he'll take it out of his mouth and hand it to me.

 I love him almost as much as he loves himself.


Brooke said...

usually I'm a stone cold criminal, but this post makes me want a babe sooner than later. He is a cute one

Lari said...

me too!!!!