Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 22

Today I was watching a certain reality tv show that need not be named, and this girl was talking about being moved from foster home to foster home throughout her childhood, being abused, and then finally adopted by a loving family and it practically made me cry (that's so embarrassing if you know what show I'm talking about).

 The point is, I take for granted what a blessing it is just to have grown up in one home with two parents, and "goodly parents" at that! I never think about it, because that's just how life always was. But I'd probably be some crazy hot mess if I didn't have such a good upbringing. Thank goodness I'm only a mostly sane, lukewarm mess! 
Well now I feel like a "Family: isn't is about... time?" public service announcement on the BYU channel, but I really mean it.



Summer said...

Haha no need to be ashamed of that show!!

Brittany M. said...

What show is this??

Em said...

Love the pics of you on your baptism day, then in your wedding dress right in a row, and we really did have a good upbringing.