Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 21

Hmm... I guess most of the time, I'm just going to be writing about my boys, because they are usually the biggest blessings of the day!
Clark has been doing some pretty cool stuff lately. He gives me hugs whenever I tell him to. Even though he's usually not very enthusiastic about it, he does always accompany it with an "awwww". He's also saying "please" ("deees") but not on command, just when he's desperate. The best thing though is that every time I'm watching "How I Met Your Mother"--apparently too often--when the end credits come up with the theme music, he stops whatever he's doing, races to climb up to the tv, and starts waving his arms up and down with a huge grin on his face (it's very much a Jacob dance move). Oh, and he LOVES books and being read to now. This makes me so happy after all that time spent trying to convince him that books aren't for eating.

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