Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Clark and I flew down to AZ a week before Thanksgiving, and for the first time in months I was really thankful that I'm not in school or working. I can find a really cheap flight way before a holiday and  say, "heck, I'll spend a couple weeks there!" Nothing to tie me down these days except my baby who is actually great company and makes an excellent travel companion (taking the flight right after bedtime= genius!)

The first thing I did was take the usual trip to SAS with EmmaLee to find fabric for our Christmas PJs. Brynlee was a very helpful, throwing this and that into my stroller and keeping Clark entertained. I thought I put all her contributions back until I got home and found a little bag of jewels in my diaper bag.

Come on, what 4-year-old girl can resist that?

Other fun stuff I did included seeing one of my best friends (and practically SIL) get home from her mission, building teepees with Landon, eating two Thanksgiving dinners, waiting in a line for 4 hours on Black Friday to get Jacob's non-surprise Christmas gift, having breakfast with most of my friends, getting pictures of our little family taken by Bethany, and seeing the Nutcracker with my mom and sisters (shout-out to the girl whose skirt fell off mid pirouette for completing the number while unsuccessfully trying to keep your bum covered and for being the highlight of my trip).

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