Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just a Boring Old Stats Update

We had a doctor appointment the other day, so you know what that means!

Clark at 4.5 months:

Height: nearly 27" (95 percentile)

Weight: 16 lb 5 oz (75 percentile)

Head: 17 in (60 percentile)

The doctor was genuinely impressed at how strong Clark is and said he'll be "doing stuff early". This kid thinks he is so much older than he is! The second he learned to rollover he was determined to start crawling. Obviously he's not even close to crawling which really makes him mad. It's actually kind of cute when he gets so frustrated that he puts his face in his hands and screams, but it's also been bad for sleep, because he wants to practice every second.

Maybe my encouraging him to be lazy his whole life has backfired. This must be his rebellious stage.

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