Thursday, August 16, 2012

Desde que te he conocido yo vivo tan feliz

(I only speak Spanish in music lyrics)

Yesterday was our three year anniversary! We'll go out to celebrate sometime this weekend, but I felt like we should do something special on the actual day, so I set up a pretty fancy dinner. You know, lace tablecloth (paper doilies), candlelight (courtesy of Youtube), and some bubbly (Safeway brand sparkling cider). I even pulled out the nice plastic dishes instead of the usual paper. Oh and don't be deceived by the vase of green onions.

For dessert I prepared some fruit and cheesecake with chocolate fondue. YUMMM.

This is the place where I would like to share our wedding video but I, of all people, do not own a copy. So settle for this cute little vidy of our honeymoon:


Brooke said...

haha! love it. I may have to re-create this someday...I've got some green onions I might just have to throw into a vase right now because yours looked so nice. Also, I will for sure use you as my editor because I'll need all the help I can get!

Shums said...

Is that the fondue set I gave you? If you found it laying around in mom's garage it is. This is way better than most of my anniversary celebrations... don't tell Sam.

tracie said...

Ah, for some reason your blog got deleted from my blog roll! Whenever I update my design, it always knocks off two or three of my friends. Anyway, happy three years! Love the redesign on your blog.