Thursday, July 26, 2012


This time last year, after taking pregnancy test #4 and getting yet another very clear second line, I decided it was probably for real. I just sat on my in-laws' leather sofa and thought about how I wouldn't be able to think about anything else for the next nine months and how slow it would go by. At first it did go by so slow, because I felt awful and we didn't tell anyone for way too long and I was so excited and scared about everything. Just thinking about Pixel Junk Monsters, this game Jacob would play when I was at my peak of morning sickness, still makes me nauseous. (I try to remember that whenever I start thinking I want another baby any time soon.) 
But then school started, and the next 6 months flew by. Now here I am with an almost 4-month-old and I can't even believe how much has changed in a year and how quickly it went after all.

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Devaun said...

Love your new blog layout. Also love that picture of Clark. He's so cute I start feeling a little teary when I look at him for some reason... Uhh... miss you. xoxo.