Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I used to wish that I was really super amazing at just one thing, but I've learned to embrace the face that I'm just ok at a lot of things. I think this transition happened around Sophomore year of high school when I decided to quit going to ballet for 3 hours every day and just be a kid and have a social life. Then I reached my peak of hobby exploration. That year alone I was in dance, orchestra, and ice skating classes, culinary club, the ski/snowboard club, badminton team, and a few weeks on the tennis team (I think I quit after I got my fingers stuck in the strings of the racket when I was supposed to be listening to a lecture from the coach...or because if I did manage to hit the ball, it hurt my little wrists real bad). I even got the boy I liked to teach me and a friend guitar lessons.

orchestra trip

So my latest hobbies are learning to use Adobe Illustrator to make the blog all cute (could you tell?) and penmanship. I just decided that being able to write really pretty would be a good skill to have, so I got this book last time I was at the library:

I guess if I can't be in school (I miss it so bad), I'll just teach myself anything and everything. Except sporty things. No hope there.


Andrea said...

Natalli! Your blog design is so cute!!!! Props on learning Illustrator -I'm so bad at it.

Brooke said...

wow your blog just got super fancy, nice work! I'd say you're better than ok at being artsy and crafty