Friday, June 15, 2012

still learning

Ok, this is so nerdy, but I spend a lot of time reading mommy forum threads. That's because almost every time I have a question about raising a child, which is pretty often, I do a Google search which usually pulls up the same question that was posted in some forum. I know everyone says motherly intuition is the most important thing, but I guess I'm the kind of person that needs my intuition to grow from study/information. Plus it's always nice to hear about people going through the same things with their baybays...even if it means trying to interpret the goofy lingo (DH=dear/darling husband? huh?)
 Anyhow, today I was reading all these people's problems with their crazy colic and what-not babies, and it reminded me how easy I have it! I know it shouldn't take hearing about other peoples problems to make me appreciate my life, but the reminder doesn't hurt.
I've also learned that there are SO many different parenting styles and for some reason people get really worked up about it. Then I was wishing there was just one way that everyone agreed was the best way so that there weren't a million opposing answers to every question, but I guess that wouldn't make sense. Everyone is different and every baby is different so what works for one wont work for all. I just wish people would respect that and not criticize those who do things differently.
I obviously over think  everything. Trying to snap out of that.

But I'm so glad it's Friday! Clark and I love having Jacob around all weekend.

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Lari said...

Well, I would be honored to give my solutions to all your problems! Look how perfect all my children turned out. Love, Your mother