Friday, June 1, 2012


I'm happy to say that our little family is back together, and we've moved into a little home in Pleasanton, California (pictures to come if I ever finish unpacking). As of now, I'm having mixed feelings about everything--mostly positive, but let's just get the negative out of the way first...

We don't have friends! And I'm really bad at making friends, but I'll have to learn because sitting at home with a baby all day is awfully lonely.  We really miss our families and friends. Please come visit.

I also sometimes feel like I'm having a mid-mid-life crisis. I'm the type of person that plans everything out in my mind before it happens (so much so that as a kid I would narrate my life in my brain as if it were an exciting novel). The problem is that for the past 21 years I have been planning right up to this point: "graduate from college, get married in the temple, start a family". It's really weird to have reached that point. I guess I forgot to plan much further, and there's still lots of life left! Maybe it was all the books and Disney movies that made me think everything from this point on was just "happily ever after"and not worry about the details. Anyway, the point of that whole ramble is that it's time to set more goals and have a direction and purpose. Just brain vomiting here.

On to happier and simpler things. This little town is great. I told Jacob it feels like living in a giant neighborhood which is pretty much what it is. The weather is beautiful; people complain that they're dying if it gets up to the 90s.We are also close to a lot of big cities with fun things to do. I can't wait to explore the whole bay area.

Also, Clark has been an angel. He will just hang out, perfectly content, while I try to get stuff done. He is even starting to be "fun" (which is the last word I would use to describe newborns) as he interacts more and more.

My favorite thing right now: the almost laugh.

Today he had his 2 month appointment, and he is 95th percentile for height, 75th for weight, and 45th for his head. If he keeps this up, we may have ourselves a basketball player which would make Jacob one happy guy. And as the nurse at his 2-week appointment so delicately put it, "Mom's a good cow!"

ok that's life for now. I intend to be a more daily blogger, but we'll see how that pans out.



Erica said...

I love Pleasanton! It's so beautiful up there. We will definitely come visit.

s.s. bazodi said...

Uh, we are doing a regeton music video when I come visit. Clark is invited.

Jimmy and Chelo said...

Jacob! Clark is so cute! And Natalli if your wondering who this crazy person is haha I went to school with your husband.
Your posts are fun to read, and I totally know how you feel living apart. We just had to do that for 2 months while I moved in with the in laws, started a job in Provo while my husband finished school in cedar city. We face timed a lot!
Anyway, not sure if Jacob ever reads your blog but please tell him hi for me, and good luck with everything!