Monday, June 18, 2012


Clark and I have been blog hogging lately. So, in honor of Father's Day, I'll dedicate this whole post to what Jacob's been up to lately.
-working, doing businessy stuff I wouldn't understand
-yard work. Lucky for me, this is his idea of fun.
-helping his crazy wife get through emotional breakdowns (they're baaaack). This includes helping me with things that stress me out, making me cream cheese sopapillas (see fig. 1), and laughing at me just a little.  Yesterday I was a basket case and he offered me Clark's pacifier and told me a story about when he was 10ish and his mom was cleaning some wound that hurt really bad so he picked up one of his little sisters' pacifiers that was lying on the ground and sucked on it, and it made everything better. Love that.

And yesterday morning he sighed very emphatically so I asked what was wrong.
"I just wish they wouldn't put marshmallows in the Smorz cereal." Rough life.

Anyway, he's obviously the greatest dad. Happy (late) Father's Day!


amanda and clay said...

Who doesn't want marshmallows in their s'more cereal???

Emily said...

Jacob's story is only mostly disturbing because that pacifier was probably mine.... gross.