Sunday, May 13, 2012

moms and stuff

Things on my mind this mother's day:

*I'm really lucky to have such an amazing mom (read about why she's so great here) and a husband raised by an equally amazing mom

*Even though I have my rough days, I can't think of anything that would be better for me than being Clark's mom. For the longest time, I've known what kind of person I want to be and have worked and prayed for the qualities that would make me that person--without much success. But being a mom has compelled me to have more patience, charity, and pretty much all of the qualities I want/need. I guess the point is that we aren't just made better people because we want to be; we're given experiences that provide us opportunities for growth. blehh I can't really explain very well what I'm thinking, but this pretty much sums it up:
"Jesus’ love was inseparably connected to and resulted from his life of serving, sacrificing, and giving in behalf of others. We cannot develop Christlike love except by practicing the process prescribed by the Master...Is there a greater love among mortals than that of a mother, who offers all for her child? Many who desire to have charity like Jesus attain it as he did." (C. Max Caldwell)

*This video is amazing. I've always loved it, but it means so much more now...especially after a really stressful, discouraging day.

*What could be better than spending all my time with this guy? He really does get cuter every day.

 He sure loves his cousins (and attention). 


amanda and clay said...

Oh my gosh, that kid is way too cute!!

And this post made me tear up. You're so such a great example and mother!

amanda and clay said...

You're such* .... don't know where that "so" came from.