Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentiny Things

Lately it feels like we never have a free second, but on Saturday afternoon Jacob took a little break from work/school/studying to take me out for buy-one-get-one-free Smashburger and a Dairy Queen ice cream cone! Yes, we're poor college kids even on holidays, but even just going out to eat is a treat these days.
Later that evening we went to Jake and Brittany's "Palentines" (like pals...get it?) party. I made these little ice cream cupcakes for it. They turned out a little sad, but it was a cute idea, right?! There was a lot of good company and yummy treats at the party, and we even got to decorate sugar cookies!

<==== 33-Week Belllllly

On for real Valentine's Day, I surprised Jacob with a big bag of his favorite "treat"--chips! I put lots of cheesy little love notes to correspond with each type of chips.

Always the one-upper, Jacob got me these cute maternity sewing patterns. I'm so excited to make them, even if I don't finish in time for this pregnancy. He also tried to make me a card on InDesign. It turned out giant, because he couldn't figure out how to print it. Love it!

Once we got done with school that evening, we went to the temple with our friends Hailey and Jordan. Then we went to eat at Diego's. It was a great way to top off our Valentine's Day.


Shums said...

We've used our BOGO smash burger coupon 3 times this past week! Where'd he get those patterns btw????

Brookelyn said...

You probably saw them anyway...but I'm going to take credit for pinning those patterns at you. Aaand I'm mostly excited to see how the maternity skirt turns out.