Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Day in the Life

> To school by 8 AM.

> Work, study, class until at least 6 PM. Have I mentioned that I got Jacob a job at the HLRC? The best job ever just got even better. Now I have someone text, "Luna Lovegood" when a wide-eyed, long-haired blond comes into the lab. Class and study, less fun.

> At some point (or several) during the day I usually do something really stupid or forget something important, and Jacob reassures me that I'm "just a little spazzy" because I'm pregnant.

> Get home and eat something not very good, because I don't have time to make a real dinner before my baby-growing body gets really mad at me. Catch up on my shows or do more homework (pinterest) or read until Jacob comes home around 9 or so.

> We usually finish the day off with a cereal party (not really a party--just two or more people eating cold cereal at an inappropriate time) and an episode of Dateline or any other show centered on true crime.

> In bed by 10:30, sometimes earlier.

And that's how I became a 75-year-old before my 22nd birthday. I'm not even sorry about it either.

Luckily my block class ends this week which means I'll be able to go home at 2:00 instead of 6:00 which means I can cook real food again! And take naps!

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