Thursday, February 2, 2012

31 weeks

Here we are at 31 weeks. Time is flying!

I figured out that the Photobooth camera on the Mac adds about ten pounds, so that explains why the pictures from a few weeks ago look even bigger than these... anddd I won't be using that for full body shots anymore.
And don't be worried that I'm like "uhh, I'm so fat. I hate my body." I'm actually amazed (and maybe a little weirded out) with my body and the fact that it's capable of growing a human! It's just a little difficult to dress my drastically changing figure, especially on a student budget. Aside from that and recently being introduced to heartburn, no complaints here! (Though, my husband may tell you otherwise).


Melinda said...

You are almost there!! How exciting. I am sooo happy for ya.

Brookelyn said...

you're cute, and are those curtains? I think I need to make some like that.

amanda and clay said...

Are you sure there is a baby in there??? Can't get over how freaking tiny and cute you are.