Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Vacation

It did happen, but we must have been having so much fun (been so lazy) that we took hardly any pictures.
First, we went to Mexico with Jacob's family for a few days. It was a little too cold to play in the water, but it was nice to just relax on the beach and search for creatures.

When we got back, we finished our last-minute preparations for Christmas, went to the Swap Meet, and went to a Christmas party with some of my high school friends.

Jacob's big Christmas gift was the new Zelda game complete with golden wiimote (which I convinced him earlier I wasn't able to get a hold of), so he spent the rest of the break playing that while I coached him or sewed or slept since apparently I get sick now. My niece, Ruby, took over my coaching position whenever I was slacking. She especially liked when he picked up red rupees, because she thought we were saying "red rubies" and gave all the other colors names (pink Ellas, green Jacobs, etc.)
My big gift was the Adobe Suite, because I always use InDesign and Photoshop on the school computers and was sad I wouldn't have them when we graduate in April. I wanted mostly homemade things from family, because I love homemade gifts!
For New Years, we went to Kami and James' for a family party. They just happened to move into the same ward as Jacob's parents, so they live real close. Yay convenience!

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