Friday, November 4, 2011

How his family found out

We were planning on telling Jacob's family pretty much the same way we told mine, because both of our moms' birthdays are in October. Then one day in September Jacob decided to order me a nice body pillow so I can still sleep well as I get fatter. Usually when you order stuff online, it comes in a box that says "Amazon" or in this case "New Egg". Nope. This giant box showed up at Jacob's Grandma's house, and his sister just happened to be over right when it arrived:

Since when do people write the contents of a package on the outside?! Nobody wants the whole neighborhood knowing what they're ordering in the mail.
Anyhow, we knew we weren't going to have a good cover for this so we decided to just make the announcement to his family that day. In retrospect, it was really nice having at least a few people who knew and could be excited with us/not think I was awkwardly gaining weight for no reason. It just wasn't quite what we had in mind.


Olivia said...

hahahaa thats hilarious

Melinda said...

Putting all your business out there like that...LOL 2 funny