Wednesday, June 22, 2011

mmm whatcha say?

 I almost forgot that the #1 goal of my blog is to provide Brooke Stirling more blog-stalking opportunities while she's "working". Well, she let me know that I haven't been meeting her standards lately. I apologize and assure you that I am here for your entertainment (cue Adam Lambert).

First, to address your question. I work at a place called Aqua Tots which is hard for me to say without a Wisconsin accent, which makes the name sound even dorkier than it already is. I teach swim lessons. That's all I want to say about that.

No one likes looking at a blog with no pictures. Donelle is about to have a baby.
Now I will address your boredom:

Join Goodreads. It'll take at least an hour to rate all the books you've read and make a list of books you want to read.

Read this.

Gawk here, and here, and here.

Pin stuff

Share good youtube videos with me. Also make a video for me.

Look at houses for sale in Arizona

And when all else fails, stumble.

Well that made me look pitiful (working in a computer lab has taught me well). I hope you're satisfied!


NathanMc said...

ohmygosh, You are a saint. It's like Christmas over here on my end! I'm at work right now. but I think I'm gonna save it for the five hours tonight... ok myabe I'll just take a peek now. Kelsey is going to pee her pants when she sees. You just earned yourself a button (the blogging kind)

ps. thank you for the picture of Donelle, it's so fitting

Brookelyn said...

hehe as much as I'd love to pretend nathan said all that, it was me

Kelsey said...

Work will be so great tonight! I also complained that I didn't know enough details of your life. WE are wasting away here! You're a lifesaver.