Tuesday, June 21, 2011

catch up

ahhh. It's been too long! Since I last blogged, I have:

Gotten a job
Gotten a library card
Spent lots of time sewing/crafting
Had a bonfire with friends in the desert (until the fire truck came..)
Listened to two farewell talks and one homecoming talk
Helped my sister throw my niece an awesome 12th birthday party (think Justin Bieber, headband-making, and "Just Dance 2")

Had friends over to swim and teach us how to make grilled pizzas

They were soooooooo good.
Also, on Sunday night my sisters and I were watching Ms. USA when Bethany was suddenly overcome with regret for not competing in Jr. Miss as a complete joke--sporting an 80s prom dress, singing a number from "Cats", etc. So we decided to start competing in MRS. pageants. Who wouldn't want a title like "Mrs. Maricopa County" to throw on a resume? seriously.


Brookelyn said...

I just laughed imaging Bethany doing a number from Cats while wearing an 80's prom dress. where do you work? blog about it.

Shums said...

Wait! I want to compete in MRS pageants for real... I desperately need to redeem myself( i totally should've won jr miss).