Wednesday, January 12, 2011

new semester and love and stuff

Last week was pretty eventful! On Tuesday, we started school. I think I'll really enjoy all my classes, but they will definitely keep me busy. I also work 18+ hours a week, so I will likely be on campus allll day.
On Wednesday, we traveled to Salt Lake for my favorite cousin's wedding. She looked so beautiful and genuinely happy. Seeing her reminded me of all the REALLY weird, fun things we did growing up and how she was the one person I could tell all of my deepest, darkest secrets. It made me a little sad that things will never be the same but also really happy for her at the same time. I wonder if my friends getting married will ever stop feeling kinda weird?

My mom, EmmaLee, and Adina flew in from Arizona for it so it was fun to hang out with them (and Kami+James) again! After the wedding, we all went to eat at the Lion House. Then the girls looked around Tai Pan Trading for hours while the boys went to a bookstore to look at Lauren Conrad books or something. When it was time for the reception to start, we drove to Morgan where we socialized, danced, and ate some more. It was a fun day, despite the freeezing weather.
On Friday night, my friend Megan came over so I could get her measurements to send to Bethany who's making her wedding dress. She ended up staying most the night to make dinner with us and tell me about all her wedding plans (girls can talk about this kind of stuff for hours).

On Saturday night, we went on a big date to Color Me Mine. It's one of those places where you pay lots of money to paint pottery. Everyone came all prepared with intricate things to paint, so theirs turned out really cool. Jacob and I just played it by ear...rookie mistake. But we had a lot of fun!

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Brookelyn said...

I'll let you plan my wedding some day