Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday Party and The Bachelor (I have to)

Soooo. The rest of our weekend was pretty cool, because on Saturday we celebrated our friend Amanda's birthday. There was some segregation as the boys played video games and the girls chatted..and ate cookies. We finally decided to all be friends so we could sing to the birthday girl and eat cake. Then we played Mafia, which I'm so good at that I often get killed off first thing. grrr.
On Sunday, we slept in wayyy too late. In the evening, we had dinner with the g-parents and played with Heather.
Monday, no school! Jacob's other grandparents took us to the Carl Bloch exhibit at the BYU museum of art. It was really great. Then they fed us pizza! That night I decided Jacob should take me on a date to Red Lobster (no, we're not rich. thank goodness for giftcards!) Then I had some friends over to watch The Bachelor. I'm so blessed to have friends that share my love for awful, dramatic, reality tv! So much so that they even play Fantasy Bachelor with me. That's right. Finally I don't have to make fun of (be jealous of) Jacob and his love for Fantasy Basketball.

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