Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What really matters

Hi. We're moving to Texas for the summer, so Jacob can sell pest control with his bros (stop judging him). A few days ago, we made a game plan for when we're in Arizona. See, it's really important that we eat at all the amazing food that only Arizona can offer before we leave it all summer. So far we have:

-Gecko Grill, obviously
-Joe's BBQ/Farm Grill
-In-n-Out (There is one in Provo, but we refuse to wait in a 3 hour line for a burger)

I think there were a few more. Is there anywhere else we must eat before we go???


Bethany'sBazodi said...

OH! Girl you need Bertha's, the farm at south mountain, the breakfast club, blah blah blah. I want to ride down from provo with you when are you going?

Brookelyn said...

Wings! Provo doesn't have any good wing places. Wingers? no thankyou

Summer said...

that is a sick nast picture you got up on there... but its ok cause im excited for you to come visit! we have to have a sleepover and hit up wally world in the wee hours and dress up and go to dennys, make a couple videos. be excited! :)

Olivia said...

Ya... def. Jack in the box, denny's, Rivas... you know, all those real classy places we used to hit up.