Friday, April 2, 2010

Eggy McEggington

Last night we had a few friends over for dinner and Easter egg dyeing. Everyone brought something for the dinner and it was delish. Then, it was time for the dyeing. I love any activity that is a holiday tradition, especially those that involve creativity. I was a bit rusty at first, but soon recuperated my skills.
I also love watching boys do things that require creativity. Jacob, for example, thought it would be a great idea to throw his egg in hot pink dye for a minute then throw it into the green dye, even though I warned him it would turn vomit-color.
Our party was cut short so the boys could go to a last minute training meeting for summer sales. Brittany and I were not interested in attending that, so we stayed at the apt. It's nice to get to talk to a girl sometimes. It's been a while since I've had a conversation with anyone besides Jacob. How sad. Girl night anyone??

p.s. I do love talking to the husband, it's just good to have variety.

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Brookelyn said...

i wish you could have come to the movie with us last night, but if you ever have time for a girls night just let me know! Devaun and all her dates leaves me to my lonesome all the time.