Monday, April 5, 2010


On Easter morning, Jacob got an empty basket and a note from the Easter Bunny. It said:
"Dear Jacob,
Sorry that your basket is empty. I was in a pretty big hurry this year so you'll have to find treats to fill it with. Don't worry! I left clues to help you find them.
Love, The Easter Bunny"
Wow, that bunny is pretty sneaky. It sent Jacob on the coolest scavenger hunt ever! Here he is mulling over one of the clues. They were all song lyrics..even sneakier.

Here he is after finding all of his treats:
He likes pancakes and I don't. He always asks for "spray pancakes" which I don't think exist, so I figured Shake n Pour was the next best thing.

The Easter Bunny also left me some surprises (they were in a cute basket, but we already transferred them to the treat bowl). Hmm.. must want me to gain 24 lbs.
"You're making a Bethany face. " -Jacob

Also in my basket...
I love movies and pickles. The end.

Tricked. After all the excitement, we went to Clay's for waffles and conference. Later, we went to Jacob's aunt's house for Easter dinner and I got to meet his grandparents that just got home from their mission. That was cool and only a tiny bit awkward. The end for real this time.


Lari said...

What a fun Easter! You are the cleverist bunny on the block! And Jacob is probably the nicest! well you are both really nice.

Shums said...

You orchistrated a scavenger hunt?! Jacob must be rubbing off on you. Not fair, Sam filled my easter basket with fruit, he must not want me to gain ANY weight.

Shums said...

OH! and spray pancakes do exist. I sampled them once at costco.

Brookelyn said...

haha me and lindsey planned a surprise easter egg hunt for our roomies...come to find them all gone home to families houses on Easter morning. HAHA! sooo we took the eggs to some girls in our ward and hid them in their apt...I don't think they appreciated it. Actually I'm pretty sure they think we're super weird, but whatev.

Bethany'sBazodi said...

jacob is like my bbilff (best brother in law friend forever), how knows all my faces.

Amber said...

Wow- quite the Easter baskets! My husband woke up Easter morning to no Easter basket at all (unless you count the one my sister did for her family) Luckily, she included a bag of jelly beans for us...

Keisha Voorhees said...

hahaha, klay LOVES spray pancakes! just don't try to make waffles with them, because they fall flat. they're at walmart!
i gave klay all my candy and then ate it all the next day at his house hahaha