Thursday, February 4, 2010

This is Bowie to Bowie

We beat Zelda. So bitter-sweet. Imagine how you felt when you finished reading the 7th Harry Potter, but take it down a few notches. Yep. Don't make fun, I'm being serious.

In other news, I really love bows... All over the place.

Like in this shirt I want so I can look like Sailor Moon

Also love:

Karen Carpenter+her belt, necklace from my mom, and this girl's cute ring.

Plus my legs are bowed which is kinda cool, but mostly awkward. I think I just described my whole life.


emma said...

bowie's in spaaace

Brookelyn said...

I want that shirt too

Melinda said...

Sailor moon....hahahaha

Olivia said...

Don't even bag on your bow legs... you know i would switch you in a second. I want bow legs so bad :(