Monday, February 8, 2010


I don't hate cooking. I actually almost like it. It's just figuring out what to make that I hate. Oh and my lack supplies, time, and talent in that area. Ideas please?

I also hate when I'm about to donate blood and the lady says "Oh...your veins are tiny. I'm nervous."


Melinda said...

Tacos and tostadas are real easy. Pasta dishes are quick and easy as well. Post what kinds of foods you like to eat and I will tell you if I have a good recipe!

emma said...

i always make bag dinners. there's usually veggies, pasta and meat in it, but you can get nearly anything. they're quick and easy and delicious!

Em said...

When I was having Marinne, the anesthesiologist was doing my epidural and said, "Uh Oh, THIS hardly ever happens"!He had to start over. UMMMMMM, I don't want to be paralyzed, so please be careful with my spine!!!!
Things to cook:
chicken pot pie (shred cooked chicken, cook a bag of frozen veggies, put in a pie shell w/ cream of chicken soup, top w/ another shell and bake til browned)
taco soup (dump cans of corn, black beans, kidney beans, tomato sauce + that can filled w. water, a pkg. of taco seasoning + cooked chicken or ground beef, top w/ crushed tortilla chips and avacado, sour cream, cheese,etc.)

Little Beachs said...

crock pot.
Easy. yummy. fast!