Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thoughts while watching SYTYCD

Ryan/Gaston- go home and quit wearing wife-beaters and flirting with other girls. barf.

Team Jakob!

Mary, please stop yelling.

I'm just glad that Russell is dressed up as Santa.

I hope Legacy cries again.

The judges are speaking alien for way too long.

Mollee loves her busteas

"Easy Street" is my fav.

GRR why the ... isn't Ashley in the bottom?! She didn't even dance.

I LUB Asia's number one pop group!
I wish I was Asian. No really.


Em said...

AMEN to all your views!

Candice said...

You said it all!!!

Brookelyn said...

hahahahaha said so well

You Are My Fave said...

Ryan was totally in a few of my classes in college and I started calling him Gaston because he reminded me of him and his haughtiness. I hate the wife beaters.