Sunday, December 6, 2009

Date Night: Christmas Decor

We made some festive decorations for our home.

Jacob made this lovely Froot Loop (yes that's how they spell it) and popcorn garland.

I made some rick-rack ornaments...

For our three-foot tree. As you can see, we don't really need to put paper snowflakes in the window as we originally planned.

I also took EmmaLee's advise and turned my yo yos into ornaments

and put on the cute Christmas pillow cover she made us. (She made one for every holiday!)


Melinda said...

Aww how cute. The snow in the window looks so cool. You guys get a real winter!

Em said...

BRRRRRRR! Looks cold! Great decorating, kids! Glad you like the pillow!

Shums said...

at first i thought you stole the plastic candy garland from mom's house. impressive!

Flwrgirl said...

Cute stuff!

I'm the same way, I know I can make stuff that I see instead of paying for it.