Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Smith Family Christmas Party

We started the night off with a lovely turkey dinner.
Then we had a white elephant gift exchange. Jacob and I came away with salt and pepper shakers and a Healing Illuminating Egg. It glows rainbow colors, so I guess you can say we hit the jackpot.
Here is Brynlee holding the gift my mom opened from Bethany. It's a real mouse in a ball. Rigged? maybe.
Then we had a talent show. We caught most of it on video. Here's the Ham Fam reciting a Christmas poem.
Sadly, I am banned from posting the sister music video to "Hard Candy Christmas".

After the talent show I killed everyone at Buzz Quiz World.
The End. (Christmas day pictures coming soon)

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Melinda said...

You guys have an awesome family...what fun! Hope to see you before you leave.