Wednesday, August 5, 2015


A couple weeks ago, we went up to Utah to see friends and family. We left on Tuesday afternoon hoping the kids would sleep from bedtime on. They did sleep eventually... We spent a few days in Provo visiting everyone. Then on Friday evening we went to Fillmore for the guys' 10 year reunion. One of Jacob's best friends was in charge of it for some reason so really it was just a dinner Saturday night and we spent the rest of our time hanging out and letting our kids play together. His other friend's brother owns a really old motel that's been renovated and our group of friends got the whole thing to ourselves. It was a dream come true! We all put our kids to bed and then stayed up all night playing games and chatting. 

Something came up about their 20 year reunion and I said something about "I wonder if you guys will still be this immature at your 20 year", and Jacob said "Immature? How are we immature?" and then 20 minutes later they all said "Let's go horning*!" And they did. 

Totally out of order pictures!  

He kept begging me to let him put his sweater on so I finally relented when it got below 80. It's not something we get to do often, so he's very passionate about it. 

Playing with Arlo, our friends' cute kid (who is going to marry Magnolia someday)

Grandma Mead's yard alone makes me want to move back to Utah

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