Sunday, September 28, 2014

Twins' First Year and Clark 2 Year Interview Videos

I did this little interview with Clark right when he turned two (6 months ago) then didn't look at it until just barely when I went to edit it. I didn't realize how much he has grown up in 6 months. Guess that's what makes these so fun! 

And a video that makes this last year look way easier than it was. Gotta emphasize all the cute stuff about babies so people keep having them. 

Magnolia and Wendy's First Year from Natalli Ellsworth on Vimeo.


amanda and clay said...

I love this so much!! What a great idea! I might just have to copy you.

What video editing program do you use? I started making Leo a 1 year video but I don't know if I just have too many videos or if I'm just challenged but it got super overwhelming very quickly, haha.

amanda and clay said...
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s.s. bazodi said...

I am offended that his friends are EmmaLee and Brynlee.

Em said...

Yay! We got into his video! He's pretty cute!