Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lindsey Stirling Concert

One of my best friends since jr. high has this older sister who's pretty good at violin and I went to one of her shows a few weeks ago. Really though, I knew she was popular, but I didn't realize how popular until I was at her concert being threatened by crazy fans.

Brooke got Olivia and I "VIP" tickets which was a nice way of saying we got to stand in the blacony, we decided we'd rather be up close to the action. We asked Brooke, who's on tour with Lindsey as part of her crew, if she could get us up to the front since she looks all legit and we did have our VIP stickers. She said she'd give it a shot and pulled us by the hand and pretended to talk into her walky talky: "Ya we're coming up right now". It worked pretty well until we got to the front three rows where the die hards were, and then we all got scared for our lives and stayed put. It was plenty close and sweaty and fun.

It was crazy to see someone I know have a huge audience of people screaming for her, but she definitely deserves the fame and she and her family are just as sweet and humble as ever. It was such an entertaining and inspiring show! I love seeing good, hard working people become really successful. You go girl! (And I'm sorry Jacob called you inappropriate names in primary).

I had to steal this from Olivia since I did a bad job taking pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Woo Woo we're so famous! Or maybe just she is but we touched her sooo.... ya. Next step PATTY B! Aww yeeaa