Monday, January 6, 2014

Good Housekeeping

Not interesting fact about me: I hate cleaning. And I'm really bad at it and just pretty messy in general. In fact when I was engaged my mom asked, with genuine concern, "Jacob knows how messy you are, right?" 

Well as much as I wish I cared about every crumb and dust particle, I just don't. I hardly notice the mess at all. And even when I do, I have no idea where to start. But I am good at following directions--the more specific, the better. So as with all life problems, a quick Pinterest search had the solution! 

Though I don't know it what universe these duties take only 30 min, it's been very helpful and makes me stay a little more focused and productive. Which makes me feel a little better about myself. Even though no matter how much I clean there will still be bouncers, pack n plays and diapers in every corner and my couch will still look like this...

I'm cool with that. For now. 

(First rule of having kids: never buy white anything ever)


alyssa said...

I've been looking at cleaning charts too because I just can't seem to find the time to do everything! Following a list totally works better for me!

s.s. bazodi said...

I pinned something very simmilar

Cassie Traasdahl said...

I'm soooo not the cleaning type and it terrifies me when people randomly knock on the door because they've got a straight shot of the family room that is guaranteed to be messy. And we don't even have kids so really I have no excuse.

PS- thank you for the treats back at Christmas time! I just realized I haven't seen you to say thank you. And I LOVED your Christmas card!

The Watson's said...

I often try to look back on my life as a kid to see if certain things really matter. When I look back I don't remember if my parent's house was clean or not. They say it was clean and I remember doing chores but it obviously doesn't matter to a kid if each thing is picked up and always put back. I do love a clean house. I have found myself giving Tylee a complex about her room being clean and not having friends over because it needed to stay clean. I would rather have my kids happy, play with them a little longer and eat a little more mac n' cheese just to cuddle with them. After my third child you could probably only come over twice a week during a certain crucial hour that my house is clean. (Tylee would be at school and the boys would be sleeping of course.)Being a Mom is hard. Three kids really pushed me over the edge and I will probably have another. When I look back in 20 years on raising my kids I doubt my top ten moments will involve having a clean house.