Friday, September 6, 2013

Only Child (and 35 weeks)

Eating "duts" and watching football with dad. For some reason I think it's really funny that he loves peanuts.

Yesterday as I was playing with Clark I realized that these are his last few weeks (days?) as an only child. I feel pretty bad for him, and I'm going to miss having so much one-on-one time. And it's weird that he's the only one who will ever get all that time and attention. So as we were dancing in the kitchen while I made dinner and he fed himself string cheese and crackers, I wondered why the heck we were starting all over again. Ya ya I know why, I just really love the stage Clark is at and the bond we have and how easy it is to drag him along wherever I go.

Though it suddenly occurred to me the other day that maybe he wouldn't be jealous and resentful of the babies and extra naughty for attention. Maybe he would actually love them, and want to help me hold bottles and retrieve binkies and burp clothes. He loves other babies and lately he'll help me do something or drag the broom around saying "helper, helper!" So here's hoping! 

And here's my big ol belly at 35 weeks. At least it's still round. I'm waiting for the torpedo. Llll
And in case you need an extra confidence booster this week, these are my fat feet and cankles when I'm on them too long. 


Annie said...

Oh my gosh, your poor feet. You go girl!

amanda and clay said...

It's unfair how tiny you are with twins. I definitely think I was that big with just one!! You look fabulous

Kaley said...

Your feet are so sad! At least the rest of you looks great! Good luck!

Brooke said...

you're feet need to share some of the love with the rest of your skinny body