Wednesday, August 7, 2013

31 Week Comparison

I thought I was starting to get pretty big at 31 weeks with Clark

...which is funny now. 

I know I should be in awe at the beautiful miracle of life, etc, etc, but I'm just in a lot of pain. And depressed that even my maternity clothes are getting too small. And I swear if I'm ever pregnant with just one baby again, I will have NO complaints (except maybe if I get bad morning sickness). 

Oh and while I'm complaining, I failed my glucose tolerance test this time (they make you do it twice with twins) and had to take the three hour, fasting test. It was really awful. And I hope I don't have gd. 


Lari said...

It will be over soon now. Moving into your new house will probably do it. I'm sorry it is so miserable.

alyssa said...

If I have a single pregnancy next, my pictures are probably going to look reverse of this! Or maybe not if this leftover belly doesn't go away;)