Sunday, July 14, 2013

Getaway and 26 Weeks

Last week Jacob and I decided kind of last minute that we should hurry and do something fun/relaxing without Clark before I have these babies or am too pregnant to go anywhere. So we left Clark with the grandparents and drove to Carefree where we stayed at the Boulders Resort. It was really pretty and they drove us everywhere in golf carts and we ate lots of really good food. Jacob also scheduled me a maternity massage at the spa which was SO nice.
The last few weeks have been pretty hard on my body. In addition to the normal backaches and discomfort, there's a fiery, piercing pain shooting through my ribs every time I sit or lie for too long. So sleeping has not been going well. Oh well, these babies are worth it, and I'm getting more excited to meet them (but not any time too soon)!

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Cassie Traasdahl said...

hey i saw clark with your mother in law at church last week and he is so CUTE!!